ColorFabb ColorFabb Black XT-CF20 Carbon Fiber Filament - 1.75mm (0.75kg)

ColorFabb XT-CF20 is a Carbon Fiber based filament that is meant for parts that need to be extra stiff. With a high melt strength and great dimensional accuracy and stability, XT-CF20 is the perfect filament for sturdy prints like parts for drones, and automotive/aerospace prototyping. Plus it sure is sleek with its matte black finish!

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See ColorFabb Black XT-CF20 Carbon Fiber Filament in action in Brian Oltrogge's video: 

Check out Brian's YouTube channel here for more information on 3D printing and casting. 

The latest and greatest filament from ColorFabb is XT-CF20! This premium carbon fiber filament features at least 20% of specially sourced carbon fibers which are perfect for 3D printing. This filament is twice as strong as PLA so the possibilities are endless! Drone and RC hobbyists will especially appreciate XT-CF20. As you can see below, RC parts never looked better.

Please note that extended use of carbon fiber filament and other metal based filaments, may cause your nozzle to wear out sooner.


This filament is ideal for use in the automotive industry, aerospace, and with most prototyping needs. Try some carbon fiber filament today!

Tech Specs

  • Print Temperature: 240-260 degrees Celsius
  • Print Speed: 40-70 mm/
  • Heat bed: 60-70 degrees Celsius


ColorFabb XT_CF SDS

ColorFabb XT_CF TDS

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