CraftBot CraftBot Flow XL Enclosure Kit


The CraftBot Flow Enclosure Kit helps regulate temperature within the build area of your CraftBot 3D printer so printed parts function at optimal temperatures and the chances of warping are greatly reduced. Constructed from laser-cut acrylics, the kit includes a door panel set and a dome top cover that sits flush with the frame of the CraftBot Flow, no matter which size model you have. Or select just the component you need for your workspace. This kit is specifically designed to help you succeed with your 3D printed projects.

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Enclose Your CraftBot to Keep Temperatures Steady

Enclosures are an excellent addition to any 3D printer to unlock vastly improved performances on especially temperature sensitive materials such as ABS and Nylon, and CraftBot has designed the perfect pieces to slot into any CraftBot Flow, whether compact or large. This high quality acrylic set is customizable so if you only need the front doors or only the top cover or dome piece, you can decide how enclosed you need your print to be.

Please note, all Clearance Item purchases are Final Sale and are not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy - this excludes Refurbished 3D printers and machines, which have at least a 6-month warranty.
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