CraftBot Flow IDEX/IDEX XL Build Plate

When you have a big production job with lots of parts to print, you can't spare the time required to carefully remove each printed part from the bed before starting the next iteration. The solution is to have a spare build plate on hand, so as soon as one job is done, simply remove the plate and swap in your spare, and get back to the job at hand. This gives you plenty of time to remove each print with care, all while your CraftBot Flow IDEX prints away at the new job. Sized at 425mm x 250mm (16.7" x 9.8"), and coated with a sheet of Kapton, this spare Build Plate fits perfectly on a CraftBot Flow IDEX or CraftBot Flow IDEX XL, and provides excellent adhesion for most printing materials--especially the sometimes difficult ABS.

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Product No. M-MHM-Y7Y0
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Tech Specs

  • Size: 425mm x 250mm (16.7" x 9.8")
  • Compatibility: CraftBot Flow Single, CraftBot Flow XL
    • (Will not fit CraftBot Flow IDEX or CraftBot Flow iDEX XL)
  • Surface: Kapton
  • Material: Spring steel
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CB4D-AS-004
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