Creality3D CR-10S

The Creality3D CR-10S is here at MatterHackers! This powerful but inexpensive machine is great for tinkering, modding or simply getting started with 3D printing. The CR-10S iterates on the powerful CR-10 design by improving stability both in structure and function thanks to the dual lead screw design, the filament runout sensor and the print recovery functionality. And by keeping the power supply and control interface separate from the main body of the printer, you have much more control over your workspace layout.

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Easy Assembly

The CR-10S comes as a kit that only requires three pieces for assembly. It typically takes only ten to fifteen minutes before your Creality3D CR-10S is up and running.

Improved Design

Creality3D listened to feedback on their popular CR-10 and upgraded the design on the CR-10S in some exciting ways:

  • Dual Z-axis lead screws, which improve print quality by increasing stability.
  • Filament Runout Sensor, which will pause a print if your spool runs out of filament, so your overnight prints are safe!
  • Print recovery function, which will pause if the power to your printer is interrupted for any reason, and allow you to pick up where the print left off.

Hackable and Upgradable

The Creality 3D printer line is completely open-source, allowing for add-ons and upgrades of almost every component on the machine. From a BL Touch automatic bed leveling probe, to a Micro-Swiss or E3D all-metal hotend, to a Bondtech extruder - the Creality 3D printers give you an awesome foundation for experimentation.

Technical Specifications

Print Size: 300mm x 300mm x 400mm (11.8" x 11.8" x 15.8")
Build Platform: 320mm Length x 310mm Width
Print Accuracy:±0.1mm
Nozzle:Brass 1.75mm x 0.4mm (can be swapped out for 0.3mm or 0.2mm)
Maximum Print Speed: 200mm/s
Max Hotend Temp: 240°C-245°C
Max Bed Temp: 90°C
Supported Materials: ABS, PLA, TPE
Feed System: Bowden
Connectivity: USB or SD card
Supported OS': Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Supported Slicing Software: CURA, Simplify3D
Firmware: Repetier-Host
Weight: 10.2kg (22.5lbs)

Note: The small metal clips on the borders of the Build Platform reduce the reliable print area by a small amount. If you intend to replace the Build Platform with a glass plate, you can either use a sheet of glass dimensioned at 320mm x 310mm, or place a smaller glass plate on top of the platform, and attach via standard document clips.

The separated control unit and power supply allows for greater flexibility when setting up your printing space.

Package Includes:

  • Base Frame
  • Vertical Frame
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Build Plate Tape - 1 Roll
  • Filament Spool holder
  • Tie - 1 Set
  • Cutting Nipper
  • Wrench
  • Screw - 2 Sets
  • Spatula
  • Cables (Power, USB)
  • Bowden Tube
  • SD Card
  • Limit Switch
  • 0.4mm Nozzle - 1pc
  • Nozzle Unclogging Tool
  • 200g Filament - 1 Roll
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