DSM DSM Grey Arnitel (R) ID2045 TPC Flexible Filament - 2.85mm (1kg)

DSM Arnitel ® was designed for injection molding of engineering plastics and is now available as a 3D printing filament with the same mechanical properties for easy desktop production of end-use parts. Made from 50% bio-based feedstock, Arnitel ® provides a perfect blend of flexibility and temperature resistance for use in a wide variety of applications while remaining 100% recyclable.

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What is DSM Arnitel®?

DSM has been creating and perfecting high-performance plastics for the last 25 years and has remained dedicated to helping people everywhere create and do more via engineering grade polymers. The Arnitel® line of TPC (thermoplastic copolyester) provides a great blend of high flexibility and temperature resistance which can be leveraged in applications from printed mouth guards to auto and aerospace tubing. Arnitel® has been available for injection molding for many years, but can now be utilized in the desktop 3D printing space as an everyday filament. Read below and download the Technical Datasheet for a complete breakdown of the properties and capabilities of this material.

Why Arnitel®?

Choosing the right material for your next 3D printing project is one of the most important steps for success. TPC is a high flexibility material with temperature resistance up to 90°C for 500 hours. If your design requires constant motion in a high-temperature environment, TPC is likely the perfect material for long-lasting and reliable components. For maximum heat resistance, Arnitel® ID2060 HT provides the same functionality but with higher temperature resistance. Both materials are also 100% recyclable.

Technical Specifications

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