Duet3D Duet 3D Magnetic Filament Monitor V3

The Duet3D Rotating Magnet Filament Monitor is an advanced monitoring system that uses precise magnetic sensing technology to detect clogs, filament runout, and other extruder issues quickly and accurately. It is designed to provide reliable performance and help you maintain optimal 3D printing quality.

  • accurately track filament
  • magnet rotation
  • prevent filament jam
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Product No. M-PQ8-C2ES

Features of the Duet3D Magnetic Filament Monitor

  • Highly accurate sensing of filament movement
  • Capable of detecting extrusion issues before a print fails
  • Kit includes a connector pack and printed housing design
  • Easy to connect to a Duet 2 or Duet 3 controller

Accurately track your printing with Duet 2 or Duet 3 controller

The Duet3D Rotating Magnet Filament Monitor is an extremely accurate sensing device that connects to a Duet 2 or Duet 3 controller. It works by rotating a custom-machined hobbed magnet assembly in response to filament movement, which is sensed and reported back to the controller. This detection method is highly accurate, often able to detect extrusion issues like filament run out, extruder skipping steps, nozzle jamming, and grinding before a print has failed. 

Current Version V3: Duet 3D has revised the design of the Magnetic Filament Monitor to better tolerate variations in the housing printing. They have replaced the ring magnet with a 3mm rod magnet and adjusted the housing design accordingly, while the PCB design has remained unchanged. In addition, they are taking this opportunity to harmonize the system's version numbering, bringing all elements to version 3.0. Until we do a new PCB production run to update the silkscreen, PCBs will be supplied with a sticker indicating they are version 3.0.

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