CLEARANCE - E3D Chimera+ Liquid Cooled Dual Extrusion Hotend - 1.75mm (12v)

This experimental dual extrusion nozzle has got the 3D printing world excited by its potential possibilities! The 2 nozzle, shared heatsink design of the Chimera+ enables printing with multiple materials and even different nozzle sizes. With the ability to swap between air and water cooled versions, the Chimera+ hotend system is more versatile than ever before.

Product No. M-ZUL-TXFJ
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Mix and match nozzle sizes and materials

The dual hotend design of the Chimera+ brings two v6 or Volcano hotends together under a shared heatsink for a small yet versatile hotend. Two nozzles means the opportunity to mix not only sizing (0.4mm and 0.8mm for example) but also nozzle type. Print PLA easily and smooth out of a brass nozzle while maintaining abrasion resistance with a hardened steel nozzle on the second hotend. Whatever filament you plan to leverage in your 3D Printing journey, the Chimera+ dual extrusion hotend is ready for anything.

Easily swap components

The E3D Dual Extrusion + ecosystem features only two heater blocks; one for air cooling and one for liquid. Both utilize heat breaks that secure via set screws and both the Cyclops and Chimera heaters are compatible with either cooling system. With either heatsink installed, it's a quick swap between Cyclops and Chimera.

Which E3D Hotend is right for you?

From the mainstay v6 to the diabolical quad-extrusion Kraken, E3D has a hotend to suit your needs. The v6 is the king of single extrusion with a wide variety of nozzle sizes and materials available, including the Volcano system. The Cyclops+ brings dual extrusion with a single, shared nozzle to maintain easier leveling and calibration. To mix and match nozzle sizes and types the Chimera+ uses two v6 or Volcano hotends together. Easily run a 0.4mm nozzle for fine detail perimeters and a 0.8 for fast and strong supports or mix brass for low temp and Nozzle X for high temperature materials. Kraken is the ultimate in multi-extrusion with four individual nozzles. Setting up Kraken is no simple task, but for the maker/hacker looking for the ultimate test it's truly the top of the mountain. Check out this graphic for a visual overview of all these options.

What's in the box?

Air Cooled Cold Side:

  • Liquid-cooled heatsink
  • 4 black plastic collets
  • 4 blue plastic collet clips
  • Fixings kit
  • 800mm PTFE bowden tubing

Chimera+ Hot Side:

  • Heatsink Compound
  • 2 Silicone Socks
  • 2 0.4mm v6 brass nozzles
  • 2 v6 heater blocks
  • Fixings kit
  • 2 30w heater cartridges
  • 2 Thermistor cartridges

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