E3D E3D Hemera Heat Sink Cooling Fan - 24v

The E3D Hemera features a custom-designed heat sink to transfer unwanted heat away from the extruder as efficiently as possible, and this 40x40x10mm fan keeps the airflow moving constantly across the heatsink. A high-performance hotend needs a heat sink cooling fan, so having a spare on hand is always a great idea. Choose the voltage that matches your 3D printer's electronics and be prepared to keep your Hemera hotend running cool.

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The perfect cooling fan for the E3D Hemera's custom heat sink

The job of a 3D printer's heat break is simple - keep the heat in the hotend and away from the rest of the extruder system. While the E3D Hemera heat break does a great job of this, no system is 100% effective. For the small amounts of heat that will transfer into the top of the hotend, the Hemera heat sink is designed to pass air from this cooling fan up and away from your part, keeping the airflow in your build area smooth and free of turbulence. Keep a spare on hand as this fan is not the same dimensions as the v6 heat sink fan, so it may be different than your existing spare part inventory.

Technical Specifications

  • Physical Dimensions: 40x40x10mm
  • Voltage: 12v OR 24v
  • Heat Sink Compatability: E3D Hemera
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