E3D E3D Hemera Stepper Motor

At the heart of the beautifully engineered E3D Hemera extruder is the custom-made stepper motor. With integrated mounting options with square nuts slots built-in and the output gear already fitted, this is the spare part to have for any E3D Hemera power user who can't risk downtime.

Product No. M-42F-25M7
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Price: $31.49
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The stepper motor purpose-built specifically for the E3D Hemera dual-drive extruder

The power of the E3D Hemera lies in its dual-drive gears and constrained filament path, but its wide printer compatibility lies in the design of its custom stepper motor. With square nut slots on both sides of the motor, you can mount this stepper and in turn the entire Hemera to a variety of different printer frame components. If the Hemera is being used in a direct drive or bowden configuration, the stepper motor has to live somewhere and the E3D Hemera stepper is ready to move in.

Technical Specifications

  • Hotend Compatability: E3D Hemera

Each stepper motor ships with a motor cable included.

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