E3D E3D High Temperature Heater Cartridge 12v 65w


The standard E3D Heater Cartridges are fantastic for everyday use with standard materials up to 300°C, but for high temperature applications up to 500°C this 65w heater cartridge is ideal. This heater is intended for use only with the E3D v6 Plated Copper Heater Block as the standard aluminum block cannot withstand these temperatures.

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Product No. M-UM1-FKQC

Proven Design, High Temperature Applications

The E3D Heater Cartridge you know and love now has a high-power big brother capable of temperatures up to 550°C to tackle the most demanding materials available. The quality of the heater is evident in the upgraded connectors and purposeful 90° bend for easy wiring. With 65W output, heat up times are lower and maximum temperatures are higher.

Electronics Compatibility

As this Heater Cartridge has a greater power draw than the 30w or 40w varieties, users with 12v electronics need to utilize an off-board dedicated mosfet to control the flow of power to the heater. This protects your controller board and provides a reliable power source for your heater, improving performance and safety across the board. If you require such a board, please also purchase this kit from the SuperVolcano line.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 12v
  • Wattage: 65w
  • Max operating temperature: 550°C
  • Lead Length: 2m (78.7")
  • Compatible Heater Blocks: E3D v6 and Volcano (Plated Copper only)
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