E3D E3D Hotend Mount for LulzBot TAZ 4

This E3D Hotend Mount will allow you to use the 3.00mm E3D HotEnd Direct with your LulzBot TAZ 4. This Mount was designed by the engineers at MatterHackers and fits perfectly to your TAZ. Buy now and print it today!

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Product No. M-G6Q-0PG9
  • This E3D Hotend Mount was professionally designed by the MatterHackers Engineering Team, with 3D Printing in mind. This adapter for the E3D V6 All-metal hotend will mount easily to your TAZ 4 and quickly have you running your new E3D hotend. 
  • Purchase and download this file to print your own Hotend Mount 
  • Printing Recommendations: Print using your favorite color of ABS, this part will need some heat resistance that PLA cannot provide

Installing Your Hotend Mount

There are two pieces to this file, a crecent looking piece and a larger piece as shown here:

There are holes in these pieces for you to screw your hotend into it. The crecent looking piece should act like a spacer to take up the extra space between the blue piece and the top of the hotend.

Take a look at your motor piece and you'll notice that there are holes in the bottom. Those holes line up nicely with the holes going through the triangles on the blue piece. Line up the holes and make sure that your hotend lines up with the feeding hole.

Now the last thing to do is take this piece (two pieces together, but not screwed together yet) and line it up with the mount for the entire extruder. Bolt all three together with two bolts in their respective holes and you're ready to attach it all to your TAZ!

Happy Printing!

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