SpoolWorks Scaffold Snap Support Material - 1.75mm (0.5kg)

Scaffold Snap is an ultra-brittle filament designed to easily break away from a 3D printed part after completion. Snap prints easily along side MatX, bonds very well and supports the model while printing but once Snap cools it becomes like weak glass and shatters; clearing support away is easy and clean!

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Product No. M-RZD-U4J1

Easy to remove support material

Scaffold Snap breaks very easily, making removal of supports from 3D printed models exceptionally fast, easy and clean. Complex 3D models often require support material to ensure overhangs print correctly, and this material must be removed after the print is complete. Sometimes this can be difficult if the support sections are bonded to the part and separating support without damaging the finished piece can be a challenge. Enter Scaffold Snap, a support material specifically designed to become very brittle after printing for fast, easy and clean support material removal.

Pairs perfect with MatX

Snap bonds with ASA filament like MatX very well while printing, making the two a perfect match for complex parts that require weather and UV resistance. With almost identical hotend and build plate temperatures the two are perfect together in the same print. While the materials are hot, styrene molecules in Scaffold Snap bond to the MatX to effectively support the model during the print. Then after the part cools and the Snap becomes brittle the two materials disconnect easily.

Purpose-built support material

The best filament to use for any 3D printing project depends on what the part needs to accomplish after printing. Some parts need high tensile strength, some need impact resistance and others may need heat tolerance. Support material also has specific needs, mainly ease of removal for clean parts. Scaffold Snap prints easily, but after printing becomes very brittle and will shatter. These characteristics make Snap perfect because you can quickly and easily remove support material from you ASA parts without having to dissolve the supports away with something. This material does shatter into a million pieces so safety goggles, gloves and an appropriate work area are highly recommended!

Technical Specifications

  • Printing Temperature: 250±10°C
  • Bed Temperature: 100°C+
  • Ideal Materials to Support: ABS, ASA

Be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves when removing Scaffold Snap, it will shatter into many small pieces.

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