The E3D v6 hotend has become a standard in desktop 3D printing, but for users who need to 3D print incredibly fast and super strong with nozzles up to 1.2mm in diameter, the Volcano hotend is a great choice. A bigger melt zone supplies filament to the nozzle quickly and with a wide array of upgrade parts available, this hotend can evolve along with your needs in 3D printing.

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Print at higher speeds with confidence thanks to the enlarged melt zone of the Volcano hotend

3D Printing is an exciting technology because of the ability to produce one-off testing and evaluation components but higher strength materials can also be used for the final manufacturing of production-quality parts. The primary job of a 3D printer hotend is to raise the temperature of loaded filament up to the proper extrusion temperature before it reaches the nozzle. When printing speed is increased, the time a given amount of material has in the hotend is decreased, which can lead to improper heating, under extrusion, and even clogs. The E3D Volcano hotend solves this issue by utilizing an enlarged melt zone to give filament the proper amount of time to be heated before printing.

Fully Assembled Volcano Hotend

Take advantage of large nozzles up to 1.2mm and print incredibly strong parts

Why: 3D printing can be a great pathway to creating functional prototypes for fit testing but with precision machine control, the production of end-use parts is possible with engineering-grade materials. From PLA to NylonG, the wider extrusion path from a 0.8mm or larger nozzle creates incredibly strong inter-layer adhesion. This increased strength exists throughout an entire part, from the perimeters to the infill and removes design constraints that smaller nozzles may suffer from. Even with standard materials like PLA and PETG, utilizing a large nozzle up to 1.2mm is the ticket to higher strength printing.

Close up of the enlarged Volcano Heater Block

A great hotend today, with the upgrade options to grow with your needs

The E3D Volcano hotend is built upon the trusted and reliable v6 platform, which is constantly under development by E3D and not only has a slew of upgradable components available today but undoubtedly more to come in the future. This standard kit features a stainless steel heat break and aluminum heater block, which are both high-quality components that excel in almost any application. For the upgrade-hungry hacker or power user who needs cutting edge technology and/or ultra high performance, an Aerospace grade Titanium Heat Break is available, as well as a Plated Copper Heater Block and nozzles constructed of various material to suit varying applications. All of these components are available right here at MatterHackers along with upgrade for your entire 3D printer, so be sure to keep looking around!

v6 Groovemount heat sink can be configured for direct or bowden drive setups

Technical Specifications

What's in the box?

  • Aluminum Heat Sink
  • Stainless Steel Heat break
  • Brass Volcano Nozzle - 0.8mm
  • 30w Heater Cartridge
  • Aluminum Volcano Heater Block
  • Thermistor Cartridge
  • Bowden Collet
  • Fixings Kit
  • PTFE Tubing
  • Fan Duct
  • Fan
  • M3 Grub Screw
  • M3 Washer
  • Thermal Paste
  • Volcano Sock
  • Cable Tie
  • 2 Extension cables (for fan and thermistor)

Complete product contents, whether assembled or as a kit

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