E3D E3D Plated Copper Volcano Heater Block for Sensor Cartridges

The upgrade of the already highly improved design of the v6 heater block meant for printing at higher temperatures. The plated copper volcano heater block clamps both the heater cartridge and the thermistor in place making for improved thermal response from the HotEnd and an easier assembly experience.

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Product No. M-2NU-WQ78

Improving the Fundamental Building Block

The heater block is the element that holds all the components of a hot end together. The new V6 Heater Block for Sensor Cartridges is the new and improved design that makes it possible to clamp both the heater cartridge and thermistor in place. This block is machined from copper-alloy with nickel plating, created and made available specifically for customers who print at higher temperatures than the standard stainless steel can withstand.

Why Copper?

The plated copper heater blocks can withstand temperatures up to 500°C and also thermally conduct better than other metals. Usually in order to reduce filament adhesion, you would need to use a silicone sock with your heater block. The silicone sock is not recommended at these high temperatures due to its potential to melt. This is where the nickel plating becomes necessary to help the filament glide reducing filament adhesion to the block helping to keep things clean.

Compatible With:

  • v6, Lite6, Titan Aero, Kraken, Chimera

Product Specs

  • Laser-engraved with E3D logo
  • Very shiny
  • Compatible with sensor cartridges and silicone socks.
  • Note: silicone socks are not intended for use at temperatures exceeding 300°C. Similarly, upgrade to a PT100 if you are printing at high temperatures.

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