E3D E3D Volcano Nozzle - Plated Copper - 1.75mm x 0.80mm

E3D Volcano nozzles are designed with speed in mind. They excel at large layer heights with extremely high flow rates in order to reduce print time. E3D offers an excellent selection of 3D printer nozzles, and these plated copper units are a must have for users interested in high-temperature 3D printing. All volcano nozzles are marked so that you know exactly what size you are working with.

List Price: $17.90
Product No. M-EZU-XMM8

The New E3D Plated Copper Volcano Nozzle

If you prefer printing with larger layer heights, the Volcano is the hotend/nozzle combo that you've been waiting for! The nozzle has a longer heated zone when compared to most hotend nozzles. This means that the filament is heating slightly faster, therefore it has accelerated melting speeds. The plated copper volcano nozzle has the added benefit of printing at higher temperatures with less wear and tear to the nozzle surface. The shiny surface not only looks great, it also prevents filament adhesion making printing overall faster and cleaner.

Nozzle Size

You can easily identify all the nozzles in the series by looking at the markings on the flats of the hex head. See below to help you identify what each set of markings means in relevance to size. 

  • 0 markings = 0.25mm
  • 1 marking   = 0.30mm 
  • 2 markings = 0.35mm
  • 3 markings = 0.40mm
  • 6 markings = 0.50mm
  • 4 markings = 0.60mm
  • 5 markings = 0.80mm

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