eSUN eSUN Green Standard Photopolymer 3D Printing Resin - LCD/DLP (0.5kg)

eSUN Standard Resin is exactly what you need to succeed with your RGB LCD resin 3D Printer. With nearly a dozen color options and thorough testing for older model LCD resin 3D printers, keep your resin 3D printer flowing with beautiful 3D prints.

Top eSUN Standard Resin Features:

• Wide variety of colors
• High flow to better capture details
• RGB LCD 3D printer ready

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ESUN Standard Resin Has The Most Color Availability

eSUN Standard Resin is a fantastic resin for any user to start 3D printing with. With nearly a dozen different colors available, you can 3D print your products in hues more suitable for their use. Special attention was paid to creating a formulation best suited for older model RGB LCD 3D printers, ensuring that every 3D printer has an eSUN resin available to succeed.

Here are the key features of eSUN Standard Resin: 

  • Many Color Options

  • Low viscosity for excellent fluidity

  • Affordable pricing

  • RGB LCD 3D printer compatible

The Widest Variety of Color Availability

Many different colors are available with eSUN Standard Resin, allowing you to 3D print your multi-part creation in more than one solid color, creating a finished product rather than a simple prototype.

  • Color options for every project
  • Experiment with mixing to create the perfectly matched color
Vibrant Colors

Resin Parts

Excellent Fluidity for Capturing Small Details

When 3D printing with resin, you are often faced with models that have incredible details and intricate features. A low viscosity resin like eSUN Standard Resin is essential to prevent resin from pooling on your model and creating distortions

  • 170-200 mPA-s
  • Easily reflows as 3D print lifts from vat
  • Drains from 3D print to prevent blown-out features

RGB LCD 3D Printer Ready

Nowadays most 3D printer resins are formulated for monochrome LCD 3D printers with RGB 3D printers left as an afterthought. eSUN Standard Resin ensures any RGB 3D printer users are well taken care of by creating a resin that performs best with RGB LCDs.

  • Thoroughly tested with RGB MSLA 3D Printers
  • Compatible with low-light UV 3D printers
  • Compatible with improved medium-light UV 3D printers
  • Exposure time: 5-10 seconds (depending on UV LED intensity)
Resin Tool Kit


  • Color: Orange
  • UV Wavelength: 395 - 405nm
  • First Layer Exposure Time: 30 - 60 seconds
  • Normal Layer Exposure Time: 5-10 seconds
  • Shelf Life: 1 - 2 years (depending on storage conditions)
  • Storage Temperature: Between 15°C - 35°C (59°F - 95°F)
  • Type of Container: Black plastic container
  • Container Dimensions (Approx.):
    • Weight: 500g
  • Compatible with most RGB LCD/MSLA and DLP Resin 3D Printers
  • Build Surface Compatibility: LayerLock SLA Resin 3D Printing Build Surface, the stock build plate


SLA Resin 3D Printer Bottom Layer Cure Time 0.03mm Layer Cure Time
AnyCubic Photon 40-60


eSUN LCD 3.0 30-40


Nova Bene 4 30-40


Creality LD-002R 30-40



  • Wear protective gear such as nitrile gloves, safety goggles, etc. before handling resin.
  • Shake the container of resin well before using it.
  • Avoid leaving the resin in a vat unused for more than one day.
  • Do not store used resin in the same container as unused resin. Pour used resin from vat into a separate light-proof container.
  • Handle resin in a well-ventilated room over protective surfaces like a silicone mat, aluminum trays, plastic sheets, etc. when possible.
  • Cure resin under UV light before disposing with regular trash. NEVER dump wet, liquid resin in the trash unless it's being properly disposed of with hazardous waste. Contact your local hazardous waste facility for further appropriate steps.


Your success in 3D printing is our goal, so we have created some guides to help you create the highest quality 3D printed parts possible.

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Note, all Clearance purchases are Final Sale and not covered by the MatterHackers Return Policy.

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