UV Curing Light for SLA 3D Printing

Quickly cure your resin SLA prints with this powerful UV curing light. Operating at 10W with six high-powered LED bulbs, this lamp produces an incredibly bright light source equivalent to that of 100W. Reliably cure your parts in a flash with this SLA UV Curing Light.

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Resin digital fabrication doesn't stop after a model completes 3D printing. Post-curing is necessary to ensure the print is at maximum strength and durability to even be considered for use and safe handling. Enter the UV Curing Light for SLA 3D Printing–the fundamental accessory hobbyists and professionals use to stabilize 3D printed photopolymer resin models. This light source produces a brightness equivalent to 100W while only using 10W of energy to do so with 6 LED bulbs for efficient use of energy. Cure your photopolymer resin parts quickly with the UV Curing Light for SLA 3D Printing.


The UV Curing Light for SLA 3D Printing allows digital fabricators to makeshift a DIY curing station that's appropriate for their needs and environment. Only use resin 3D printing for miniatures/miniature-size parts? Have a specifically-sized enclosure you've made and just need a light source? Need a more affordable option to create a curing station? This accessory can satisfy all these requirements and more. Choose how you want to design your DIY curing station with the UV Curing Light for SLA 3D printing.


  • Wear UV Safety Glasses before turning on any UV LED lights/lasers.
    • If turning on a UV light that is not in an enclosure, wear UV safety glasses BEFORE turning it on.
    • If turning on a UV light that is in an enclosure, make sure the enclosure is closed before turning on the light. Also, make sure to put on UV safety glasses before opening the enclosure if the light will remain on.
  • Make sure your print is completely free of water, debris, and isopropyl alcohol/cleaning solution before curing.
    • If there's some cleaning solution/isopropyl alcohol on the print (even a small amount), curing will cause that area to turn white, leaving a patchy, discolored area that cannot be removed.
  • Monitor the progress of your print's curing process. It is possible to over cure it if left under the intensity of the lamp for too long. Since curing normally doesn't take terribly long with a curing light, it's recommended to remain on standby during the process. Setting an alarm as a reminder is also helpful.
  • There is no one-time-fits-all for cure time. The ideal cure time will generally depend on the following factors:
    • Surface Area
    • Volume
    • Type of Resin
    • Resin Opacity
    • Resin Color


  • Light Source: 6 LED Bulbs
  • UV Wave Length: 395nm
  • Power Consumption: 10W
  • Brightness: Equivalent to 100W
  • Voltage: 90V
  • Lamp Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Frame Color: Silver
  • Plug: Type A/B
  • On/Off Switch Cable: Yes
  • Lamp Size (L x W x H): 7.34" x 4.53" x 2.95" (186.5 x 115 x 75mm)
    • The height is 3.78" (96mm) if the bracket is standing up
  • Cable Length: 70.87"
  • Product Weight: ~388g
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