MatterHackers Resin Workstation Mat - 19.7" x 15.35" x 0.18"

Protect your workstation from paint, glue, resin, and more with MatterHackers' Resin Workstation Mat. Made out of quality high-grade silicone, this mat ensures no resin sticks to it, making cleanup super easy. Just leave the mat out in the sun until the resin cures and voila—your mat is clean after you flex that hardened cured resin right off. Easily pop off other materials like dried super glue and even solder. This mat is 19.7" in length and 15.35" in width to ensure it can be placed under various resin machines ranging as small as an Anycubic Photon to a Formlabs SLA 3D printer.

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MatterHackers' Resin Workstation Mat is here to save your table surfaces from messes and damages that often occur when proper protective coverings aren't in place while working on SLA resin projects. Whether you need it to function as a simple mat to catch any resin drips from your Elegoo Mars 3D printer or as a shield between your acrylic paint and the table surface, this must-have accessory will do the job. Post-process messes are less of a headache and chore thanks to this reliable, long-lasting mat that easily pops cured resin, hardened super glue, and more off its surface with a simple flex. Glue, paint, and clean up your 3D printed resin models on this mat without having to worry about damaging it or needing to throw it away after a couple uses. Enjoy using a soldering iron for electronics or touching up plastic prints? The Resin Workstation Mat can withstand a few minutes of contact with a burning hot soldering iron and pops hardened solder right off with zero blemishes left behind. Made out of high-grade silicone and designed with a 19.7" x 15.35" workspace, this mat is engineered to endure crafty messes and protect a large amount of your work area. Exchange the flimsy disposable cardboard and newspapers for MatterHackers' durable Resin Workstation Mat.


Maintain a safe and tidy tabletop with MatterHackers' Resin Workstation Mat. Messes can get out of hand very quickly so it's very important to have a protective surface that is easy and pleasant to clean up. This mat readily contains spills and drops that land on its surface thanks to the raised border along its edges. With this silicone mat, you can leave it out in the sun to dry and harden the resin. Once cured, pop the cured resin right off with a little flex to the mat and voila—your resin mat is now free of resin (both cured and uncured). Accidentally got super glue on your mat? No problem! After letting it dry, simply bend the area it's on and it will also pop right off the mat. Perform all your resin 3D printing crafting and post-processing needs on this mat with zero hassle. Preventing, cleaning, and maintaining a tidy workspace is easy and pleasant with MatterHackers' Resin Workstation Mat.


Keep your waste footprint small when you opt-out of plastic sheets and newspapers for the Resin Workstation Mat. Made out of quality silicone, this mat is designed to last through hundreds of messy SLA resin projects. No need to dispose of this protective surface after a single day of working on a project—simply let the resin or super glue liquid cure on the mat, pop it off after hardened and dry, and enjoy the now clean mat that you can reuse again and again! Stop using cardboard, aluminum trays, and newspapers and start using the silicone Resin Workstation Mat.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Dimensions: 19.7" x 15.35" x 0.18" (500mm x 390mm x 4.5mm)
  • Weight: 1.41 lbs (638 g)
  • Color: Light Blue

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