MatterHackers Storage Bottle for Resin - 1L

Keep resin fresh using MatterHackers' Resin Storage Bottle. Available in 1L, these bottles are suitable for anyone who is looking to save or re-use SLA resin without contaminating the fresh batch. These also function well as containers for mixing new resin colors and formulas for dialing in any resin for a specific use. Manufactured with a black opaque finish and leakproof seal, these bottles ensure your used or mixed resin is properly protected from light and spillage. Maximize your resin 3D printing success with a Storage Bottle for Resin.

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Practice good resin storage habits like FDM 3D printing makers practice good filament storage habits using this Storage Bottle for Resin. What are the benefits of storing used Laser-SLA, LCD, MSLA, and DLP photopolymer 3D printer resin in a separate container? It keeps the used resin much fresher than leaving it out in the vat for days, preventing any further degradation of the material. Another benefit of using a dedicated container is that you avoid contaminating fresh batch. While storing used resin with the fresh batch does not render the entire mix unusable, it may affect the fresh resin's performance—especially if that used resin was not strained when being poured back in. Available in 1L bottles, these containers are suitable for any digital fabricator who wants to save their used resin without contaminating their fresh batch. For the hobbyists and professionals who enjoy experimenting with new materials, a separate dedicated container also works well for mixing new resin colors and formulas. Manufactured with a black opaque finish and leakproof seal, these bottles ensure your used or mixed resin is properly protected from light and spillage. Bottles that are clear or do not block out UV light will not be effective in maintaining the quality of photopolymer resin. Maximize your resin 3D printing success with MatterHackers' Resin Storage Bottles.


  • Volume: 1L
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 220mm (3.54" x 3.54" 8.66")
  • Bottle Opening: 32mm (1.26")
  • Weight (when empty): 0.19 lbs (88g)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finish: Opaque Black Matte
  • Light Transmission: No, blocks UV light transmission 
  • Leakproof: Yes


  • Place the Storage Bottle for Resin on a stable surface that is covered with either a silicone mat*, paper towels, newspapers, plastic tarp, etc. A tray also works.
  • With the cap off, place a funnel* and strainer* in the bottle's opening.
  • With gloves and your safety goggles* on, remove the vat filled with resin from the printer.
  • Pour the resin in the vat directly into the strainer. Use a silicone spatula* or plastic putty knife* to empty as much used resin out of the vat.
  • Once all used resin has entered the bottle, set aside the funnel and strainer. Tighten the cap back onto the bottle.
  • Store bottle in a cool area, away from the sun.

That's it! You have properly stored your used resin for later use while keeping unused resin fresh and ready to produce top quality prints. For more helpful safety and handling tips, check out our Photopolymer Resin 3D Printing Safety guide. Happy printing!

*Note: These accessories, tools, and more can be found in the MatterHackers Resin Tool Kit.

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