Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints

Evenly cure your resin 3D prints with the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints. Operating solely on light, this essential accessory for processing your parts uses zero energy and is powered through whatever UV source you choose to use for curing. Whether it's the sun or UV light, this accessory will steadily spin the resin 3D prints you place on it with no battery or plug necessary. Achieve a uniform cure on all your resin parts with the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints.

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No question about it–post-curing after 3D printing a model out of photopolymer resin is a must if you intend to get any use out of that part. One of the necessary tools for this kind of processing is an accessory like the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints. Designed to deliver a smooth, consistent 360° rotation, this turntable will spin lightweight resin-printed parts in place so they get a nice even cure all around–an integral factor to achieving maximum durability in a print. Ensure you have everything you need to succeed in processing resin parts by getting the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints.


Every millimeter on a resin print's surface needs to be processed in order for the part as a whole to be safely handled without gloves, strengthened, stabilized. Instead of manually rotating the model or light source, use the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints to carry out the 360° rotation for you! Designed to spin your SLA parts around at a steady 4.5 rotations per minute, this accessory is easily an essential item that many digital fabrication users utilize for resin 3D printing processing. Achieve a uniform cure around your 3D printed parts with the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints.


Whether you prefer making a DIY curing station or enjoy the natural use of the sun, the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints allows the flexibility to settle this device wherever you prefer. Zero batteries or plugs are needed to operate this accessory. Simply place it in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp in a makeshift enclosure and it'll begin rotating on its own. With no need to be near an outlet or have spare batteries on hand to use the rotation aspect, this small device is perfect to transport and set up wherever needed. Efficiently process your resin 3D printed parts with the Solar Turntable for Curing SLA Prints.


  • Product Dimensions (with table attached): 3.94" x 3.94" x 1.77" (100 x 100 x 45mm)
  • Product Weight (with table attached): 75g
  • Table Diameter: 3.54" (90mm)
  • Material: ABS
  • Heat resistant temperature: 80℃
  • Cold resistance temperature: -20 ℃
  • Product Finishing: Silver
  • Power Source: Sunlight / UV light
    • Optional: 1 x AA battery (not included)
  • Rotation Speed: ~4.5 rotations/min
  • Speed Adjustment: No
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