FiberForce FiberForce Antibacterial PLA Filament - 2.85mm (0.75kg)


This premium PLA filament from FiberForce includes additives to make it both antibacterial and antimicrobial, perfect for applications requiring a higher standard of sanitation. For parts being handled by multiple people or in areas difficult to clean, this material is a great choice. The unique Surgical Green color will be right at home in any medical environment such as doctors' offices or hospitals.

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Reduce the risk of infections with antibacterial filament

Fiberforce Antibacterial PLA filament is tested and ISO 22196 certified, performing effectively against Staphylococcus Aureus & Escherichia Coli. This filament is one of the few on the market suitable for 3D printing medical-grade products. Furthermore, Fiberforce Antibacterial PLA is food safe, making this filament an excellent solution for creating safe and functional household items and toys.

FiberForce creates filament to support designers, innovators, and professionals alike

FiberForce is an authorized partner with PANTONE in producing premium PLA for their Pantone (R) line of materials, and in addition to that offering, they now create a material purpose-built for the medical field to expand the capabilities of 3D printed objects needed in sensitive environments where cleanliness is a priority. 

Technical Specifications

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