FormLabs Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin Cartridge - 1L


Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin is a translucent material designed for crafting durable, rubber-like prototypes that can bend and stretch, suitable for rapid in-house production. With 80A Shore hardness, it is ideal for making seals, grips, and cushioning. Compatible with a range of Formlabs printers and tanks, it features an ultimate tensile strength of 8.9 MPa and elongates up to 120% at break.

  • Mimics hard-rubber flexibility
  • Bendable parts return to shape slowly
  • Translucent for internal visibility, streamlines design
  • Cartridge compatible with Form 3 series / 2 3D printers
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Flexible 80A Resin


Discover the versatility of Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin, designed for crafting soft yet sturdy prototypes that endure bending and stretching. Its 80A Shore hardness ensures parts are flexible without sacrificing durability. Ideal for rapid in-house production of rubber-like parts, it's a transparent, cost-effective solution for seals, grips, and cushioning applications, streamlining development and enhancing design flexibility.

Key Features of the Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin:

  • Mimics hard-rubber or TPU flexibility
  • Bendable parts return to shape slowly
  • Withstands repeated bending, flexing, and compression
  • Rapidly produce in-house for less outsourcing
  • Translucent for clear visibility into internal structures
  • Applications include grips, gaskets, cushioning absorption, tendon anatomy, and more

Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin

8.9 MPa
Ultimate Tensile Strength
23.1 MPa
Tensile Modulus
Elongation at Break
Form 4 / 4B
Form 3L / 3BL
Form 3+ / 3B+
Form 3 / 3B
Form 2
Resin Tank(s) [RT]
Form 4 / 4B RT
Form 3L / 3BL RT V2
Form 3L / 3BL RT V1
Form 3 / 3B RT V2.1
Form 2 LT Tank
Build Platform(s) [BP]
Form 4 BP Flex
Form 4 BP
Form 3L BP
Form 3 Stainless Steel BP
Form 3 BP 2
Form 3 BP

*The resin is compatible with these 3D printers. Please ensure you're selecting the correct cartridge compatibility at purchase as the Form 4 uses a different cartridge system from previous models. The listing you are currently on is for the Form 3 series / 2.

For the Form 4 series compatible cartridges, click here.

What are the Material Properties* of the Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin?

Shore Hardness 80A
Ultimate Tensile Strength 7.2 MPa
Stress at 50% Elongation 2.6 MPa
Stress at 100% Elongation 4.5 MPa
Elongation 1.35
Tear Strength 22 kN/m

* Material properties may vary based on part geometry, print orientation, print settings, and temperature. Data was obtained from parts printed on a Form 3 with 100 µm Flexible 80A settings, washed in a Form Wash for 10 minutes, and post-cured at 60°C for 10 minutes in a Form Cure.

Download the Formlabs Flexible 80A Technical Data Sheet
Download the Formlabs Flexible 80A Resin Safety Data Sheet

Formlabs Form Wash (Gen 2) Formlabs Form Cure
Duration Duration
10 min + 10 min 10 min
Notes Notes
Wash parts printed in Flexible 80A Resin
in two cycles, preferably using fresh solvent
for the second wash. When washed in TPM,
Flexible 80A Resin remains waxy when
printed at any layer thickness and requires
post-cure. Post-curing removes the waxiness.
For parts printed in an engineering-
focused resin (such as those in the Rigid,
Tough & Durable, and Flexible & Elastic
families), post-curing ensures that the parts
reach their optimal mechanical properties
and can function as designed. There is only
one recommended post-curing time for
Flexible 80A Resin.

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