Formlabs Formlabs Industrial Vacuum 110V


The Industrial Vacuum 110V is a static dissipative, NFPA 652-compliant vacuum designed to work with the Formlabs Fuse Sift for a clean and safe workspace when working with powders. It effectively collects unsintered powder for reuse, is compatible with Formlabs Fuse series 3D printers, and is certified for Class II Division 2 environments.

  • NFPA 652 compliant for safety
  • Enhances workspace cleanliness
  • Compatible with Formlabs Fuse series
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Product No. M-AF3-1TAZ

Industrial Vacuum 110V


Cleanly and safely operate your Formlabs Fuse Sift with the Industrial Vacuum 110V, a static dissipative vacuum that is NFPA 652 compliant. Easily tidy up your workspace, clean off a build chamber, or remove debris from the sifter mesh while meeting the safety requirements when operating with powders.

Key Features of the Formlabs Industrial Vacuum 110V:

  • Easily maintain clean workspace
  • Collect unsintered powder for efficient reuse
  • Combine with Fuse Sift's vacuum tool to clean SLS parts
  • Compatible with Formlabs Fuse series 3D printers
  • Certified for operation in Class II Division 2 environments
  • NFPA 652 compliant vacuum

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