Full Spectrum Laser FSL 100 Fume Extractor Replacement Filter Set V2 - 375 x 225 x 255mm

This replacement filter set includes a cotton pre-­filter, a HEPA filter and activated carbon filters. These filters help to remove particles, large and small, as well as removing odors.

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As there are multiple iterations of each fume extractor, please provide the date of purchase and filter photo of your current fume extractor.  If you are uncertain, please contact a member of our support and we can help you get the correct one.

Pre-Filter: The first layer of protection. This filter is positioned on the very top of the machine and is responsible for preventing particulates, which are created during the laser engraving & cutting process from escaping out of the exhaust port of your machine. 

Medium Efficiency Filter: Positioned just below the pre-filter, the medium efficiency filter was designed to act as a buffer and to provide additional filtration for any particles that managed to pass through the pre-filter.

HEPA Filter:  At the center of the Fume Extractor is the HEPA Filter. This filter is designed to catch any few remaining particles that may have passed through the first two filters.

Activated Charcoal Filter: The bottom and final filter, this filter is designed to catch any particles that managed to make it past the first three. This filter is capable of eliminating almost all of the particulate generated during the laser cutting & engraving process.


  • FSL100 v1 - 385mm x 195mm x 250mm
  • FSL100 v2 - 375mm x 225mm x 255mm
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