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Inventables Carving Bit Super Pack

Are you looking to stock up on carving bits? Well MatterHackers has the Inventables Carving Bit Super Pack available for you! This pack includes 10 different 1/8" carving bits, perfect to enhance your cutting skills on your Carvey.
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Inventables Carving Bit Super Pack

These carving bits have 10 different carving bit sizes to choose from. Each carving bit is unique and great for their appropriate applications.

For more information about the carving bits please click on the 'Type' shown in the chart below:

Qty Type Cutting Diameter Cutting Length Overall Length Ring Color
1 3F Spiral Upcut 1/8" 0.30" 1.57" Purple
1 2F Straight 1/8" 0.87" 1.77" Black
1 1F Spiral Upcut 1/8" 0.87" 1.77" Gray
1 2F Ball Nose 1/8" 0.87" 1.77" Red
1 2F Fish Tail Downcut 1/8" 0.30" 1.5" Neon Yellow
1 2F Fish Tail Upcut 1/8" 0.39" 1.5" Teal
1 2F Fish Tail Upcut 1/16" 0.31" 1.5" Blue
1 2F Fish Tail Downcut 1/16" 0.30" 1.5" Neon Green
1 2F Fish Tail Upcut 1/32" 0.12" 1.5" White
1 2F Fish Tail Downcut 1/32" 0.31" 1.5" Neon Pink
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