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The X Carve 1000mm from Inventables is a desktop CNC Machine powered by the Makita Variable Speed Compact Router (RT0701C). Capable of cutting your designs from wood, plastic, and soft metals. Compatible with 1/8" and 1/4" router bits, the X-Carve 1000mm is ready to tackle your next project.

Top Inventables X-Carve 1000mm features:

• 3x Faster carving than the Previous Generation X-Carve
• Makita Compact Router delivers powerful performance and precision
• More clamping options than ever before
• Nearly double the carvable volume of the previous X-Carve model

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Faster, More Rigid, and More Accurate than ever

The Inventables X-Carve is a reliable, customizable, and expandable CNC machine that is ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. Its new and improved model is 3X Faster, More Rigid, and more accurate than the original X-Carve. Powered by the Makita Variable Speed Compact Router (RT0701C) and Supported by Inventables Easel Pro Design Software, X-Carve is capable of cutting your designs from wood, plastic, and soft metals and is ready to tackle your next big project.

Here are the key features of the Inventables X-Carve 1000mm: 

  •  Carve up to 3 times faster thanks to new Direct Drive Z Axis and improved drive belts

  • Upgraded Modular Waste Board includes t-slots and threaded inserts, giving you more clamping options than ever before

  • “Surfaceable” from front to back, which allows higher precision on intricate v-carved projects

  • The Modular design allows you to replace individual sections as needed.

  • Makita Variable Speed Compact Router (Model RT0701C) delivers powerful performance and precision in a compact design.

  • Supported by Easel Pro - Easy to Learn so you can begin working with wood, plastics and other materials in minutes

A Reliable, Customizable, and Expandable Desktop CNC Machine 

The Inventables X-Carve 1000mm is an excellent option for Entrepreneurs and small businesses. Capable of carving wood, plastics, and materials like aluminum, Corian, and linoleum up to 37 inches wide the latest generation is 3x faster, more rigid, and more accurate than the original X-carve, allowing you to go from the design phase to a completed project in less time than ever before.

  • Work Area: 29.5 in x 29.5 in x 4.5 in
  • Machine Footprint: 41 in x 52 in x 22 in
  • Maximum passthrough sheet width: 37 in
  • Weight: Approx 100lbs
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Thermoformed Braces


The X-Carve is more than just the machine, it's an entire ecosystem designed to support your aspiring business. Powered by Easel, Inventables web-based design platform, users can quickly and easily get started using Easel's large library of designs and Fonts or they can import and design their own! 

  • 3-Years of Easel Pro included with every X-Carve purchase
  • No prior CNC, CAD, or CAM experience is required to get started.
  • Select designs from the Pro Design Library or create your own!

Create a Wide Variety of Different Projects

The X-Carve is equipped to help you create a wide variety of different projects. Its upgraded modular wasteboard includes T-slot and threaded inserts giving you more clamping options than ever before and the passthrough sheet width allows you to work with sheets larger than the standard work area.

  • Easy-to-use Dust Collection System keeps your work area clean of debris and dust
  • Dedicated carving bits for Fine Detail, Soft Metals and V-Carving
  • Makita Router allows you to experiment with different feed rates and depths of cut
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Thermoformed Braces

Upgraded Rigidity, Precision, and Gantry Clearance

The latest generation of X-Carve features nearly double the carvable volume of previous generations. The Z-axis has been upgraded to precision linear bearings and a direct drive Acme lead screw for high performance, high reliability, and low maintenance.

  • US Spindle: Makita rt0701c
  • Horsepower: 1.25hp
  • No Load Speed: 10,000-30,000 RPM controlled by dial
  • Bits: ¼ in and ⅛ in collets included

What Materials Can I Carve with X-Carve?

The X-Carve's powerful Makita Router is engineered to provide users with high-level precision and performance. With a full 1-1/4 maximum horsepower, the RT0701C is engineered for a range of precision routing applications. Capable of accepting 1/4" and 1/8" router bits users are encouraged to explore multiple material options.

Material options include:

Wood/Wood Composites: 

  • Hardwoods
  • softwoods
  • MDF
  • plywoods


  • HDPE,
  • Delrin®️
  • polycarbonate
  • acrylic
  • Corian®️

Non-Ferrous Metals**: 

  • Aluminum
  • brass
  • copper

What Comes with the Inventables X-Carve 1000mm?

What are the X-Carve 1000mm's Technical Specifications?

Technical Specifications

  • Machine Footprint: 41 in x 52 in x 22 in
  • Work Area: 29.5in x 29.5in x 4.5in
  • Maximum Passthrough Sheet Width: 37in
  • Weight: Approx 100lbs


  • Finish: Anodized Aluminum 

Spindle & Cooling:

  • Spindle: Makita RT0701C
    • Amps: 
    • Horsepower: 1-1/4HP
    • No load speed: 10,000-30,000 RPM controlled by dial
    • Bits: ¼ in and ⅛ in collets included
    • Z-Axis: Precision linear guides and direct drive acme leadscrew for high performance, high reliability, and low maintenance


  • Belts: 9mm wide 3GT
  • Stepper Motors (3): NEMA-23
  • Assembly Time: Approx 16 hours with detailed instructions and training to have you feeling like an XC expert when you finish

Dust Control:

  • Dust Control: Included in fully-loaded package
  • Vacuum: Not Included

Motion Control:

  • X-Controller included
  • 4A stepper motor drivers
  • 110-240V (switchable)


  • Control Software: Easel Pro

NOTE: The 3-year subscription to Easel Pro, which is included with the purchase of every X-Carve 1000mm, will automatically activate if your Easel Pro product key is not activated within 45 days of purchase.

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