Inventables Inventables X-Carve Dust Control System (1000mm)

The X-Carve is an incredible CNC Router kit capable of cutting wood, acrylic, and even soft metals like aluminum. No matter what material you are cutting, debris and a messy work area are all part of the process - until now! The Dust Control System from Inventables is specifically built for the X-Carve lets you run your next project while keeping your work area clean!

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Product No. M-QP8-3V8D

The perfect blend of form and function

The Dust Control system for X-Carve not only works like a champ - but it's a beautiful addon to your CNC Router. The top plate of the dust shoe is clear acrylic to provide a clear view of your work area. As the router moves around the included skirt keeps any waste material close and helps maintain vacuum pressure in the work area. The kit includes a vacuum tube with mounting bar as well which keeps the vacuum tube supported and out of the way of the X-Carves' motion.

Vacuum tube grounded for safety

One aspect of the Dust Control System we were most impressed with is the inclusion of a ground wire for the vacuum tube. Dust Control Systems pull sawdust and debris away from the cutting area via a plastic vacuum tube. With that material moving through, static electricity can build up and become a fire hazard. Keeping the tube grounded stops the buildup of static electricity, keeping your work area safe.

Included in the kit:

  • Dust shoe with mounting hardware to attach to the router mount
  • Grounded hose
  • Pole to suspend the hose above the X-Carve

The kit does NOT include a vacuum - you will need to supply one separately.

After installing the Dust Collection System - you need to update your machine details in Easel to include the Dust Shoe under Machine > Set up your machine > Dust Shoe

This product is only compatible with the 1000mm version of the X-Carve! The Dust Control System for the 500mm and 750mm X-Carve can be found here.

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