Inventables Inventables X-Carve Precision Collet Kit

This Precision Collet kit enables your DeWalt 611 router to accept 1/8" shank bits, rather than only the 1/4" bit that the standard collet will hold. This enables the use of smaller, higher precision cutting bits for higher detail projects.

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Product No. M-5PP-D0CK

Start making higher precision 3D carves today

With this precision collet on your DeWalt 611 router, you can carve with 1/8" shank bits for finer and more precise cuts. The standard collet only holds bit with a 1/4" shank, which limits the number of bits you can carve with. Having this kit in your workshop maximizes the different types of bits you can carve with and opens up new potential projects!

What's in the box?

  • Precision Collet
  • Precision Collet Nut
  • Wrench

Note: the Precision collet must be used with the precision nut included with this kit - do not mix and match between the standard and this set.

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