Kapton Tape (Extra Thick) - 20mm

A 33m roll of 0.08mm thick, 20mm wide, Polyimide film (also known as Kapton Tape).

Due to its temperature tolerance, Kapton Tape is commonly used in 3D printing as a printing surface (applied to a heated build platform) and for insulating hot-ends. When heated Polyimide film adheres particularly well to ABS plastic and can be used to prevent or reduce warping. Kapton tape has been shown to be a better alternative to PET tape.

Product No. M-APX-3X8T
List Price: $17.00

One roll of Kapton Tape, 33 meters in length, 0.08mm thick. Useful as a thermal insulator.

Common 3D Printing Applications
Build platform solution - When applied to a heated bed, Kapton tape makes for an excellent printing surface. Particularly useful when printing in ABS as a measure to help prevent warping. Adheres well to Borosilicate Glass.

Hot-end insulation - Insulating the hot-end nozzle of your 3D printer can help raise temperatures faster and provide more temperature consistency during printing.

Width: 20mm

  Kapton Tape Kapton Tape (Extra Thick)
Backing Polyimide Polyimide
Adhesive type Silicone Silicone
Backing Thickness(mm) 0.025 0.05
Adhesive thickness(mm) 0.025 0.03
Total Thickness(mm) 0.05 0.08
Color  amber amber
Adhesive strength(kg/25mm)  0.6 ~0.7 0.6~0.7
Elongation (%)  14 26
Corrosion resistance 1 1
Heat resistance(°C)  258°C 258°C
Length(m)  33 33

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