Kimya Kimya White TPC-91A 3D Printing Filament - 2.85mm (750g)

Kimya Brand 3D printing filament from Armor Group was developed with end-use performance in mind so that you can spend more time innovating, and less time post-processing your functional parts. Kimya brand filaments have a beautiful surface finish and allow you to take your finished 3D printed parts right off of the print bed, and utilize them straight away in your end-use application. Armor Group’s Kimya TPC-91A 3D printing filament is no exception. It is highly flexible and elastic, making it resistant to impact, tearing, and stretching. It is also chemically stable and easier to 3D print with than most flexible materials.

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Kimya TPC-91A 3D Printing Filament by Armor Group is a high-performance flexible 3D printing filament with a Shore Hardness Rating of 91A, which boasts many interesting mechanical properties. Kimya TPC-91A is highly flexible and elastic, so it can be folded, squished, and stretched without tearing or breaking--it can even be stretched up to 500% of its initial size! Kimya TPC-91A also features excellent impact resistance and absorption while also being chemically stable. It is also innately abrasion and wear-resistant, making it a great choice for creating end-use parts for electronics, consumer goods, medical equipment, or even sports equipment! Like all Kimya 3D Printing Filaments, TPC-91A has a beautiful, shiny surface finish and comes in four awesome colors.

A flexible closing link fastener 3D printed in Kimya TPC-91A 3D printing filament. It can be squished, bent, and stretched while maintaining its shape and integrity. Note the beautiful surface finish obtained with Kimya brand 3D printing filaments.


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