Kai Parthy LAY-AWAY HIGH-T-LAY Support Filament - 1.75mm (0.25kg)

Kai Parthy, the creator of MOLDLAY, REFLECT-O-LAY, and LAYWOO-D3 is back with a new series of support filaments: LAY-AWAY! HIGH-T-LAY dissolves in water just like PVA, but prints around 240 C and is intended for a heated build room. This makes it a great replacement for HIPS, allowing you to print support for ABS without having to use Limonene when dissolving!

List Price: $65.00
Product No. M-WNX-Y717

Kai Parthy, creator of MOLDLAY, LAYWOO-D3, and REFLECT-O-LAY is back with his LAY-AWAY series and four amazing new support filaments! These support materials were created as alternatives to PVA and HIPS and really open up the possibilities for your next 3D printed project!

HIGH-T-LAY is a HIPS alternative that was designed for use in a heated build room, prints at 240 C, and adheres wonderfully to ABS, POM, and Polycarbonate. Best of all, it's water soluble, which means no more stinky Limonene! 

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