Flux3DP Lazervida Cone Spacer - 5 pack

The Lazervida Cone Spacer is a pack of 5 magnetic spacers designed for elevating materials on a honeycomb platform to achieve cleaner cuts and prevent laser reflection. They are easy to attach, help avoid burn marks, and remain stable during the cutting process. Each spacer has a diameter of 14.5 mm, a height of 12 mm.

  • Magnetic base for secure attachment
  • Prevents laser reflection and burn marks
  • Package includes 5 cone spacers
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Product No. M-0U6-MWFS

Lazervida Cone Spacer - 5 Pack

Cone Spacers are designed to keep materials elevated over the honeycomb platform. By elevating a material you can achieve an overall cleaner cut and avoid laser reflection that may otherwise happen when a material is positioned directly on the honeycomb platform. The base of the Cone Spacer is magnetic so they attach securely to the honeycomb without the risk of moving during the cutting process.

Product Features:

  • Sticks easily to the honeycomb
  • Avoid the burn mark reflecting on the material

What's included?

  • 5 Cone Spacers

Technical Specifications

Spacer's Diameter|14.5 mm

Spacer's Weight|6 g

Spacer's Height|12 mm

Package Size|95 x 92 x 20 mm

Package Weight|58g

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