Flux3DP Lazervida Rotary Extension

Lazervida Rotary Add-on allows users to laser engrave circular objects like wine bottles, thermoses, and many more cylindrical shapes.

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Product No. M-YJC-UWH3

Lazervida Rotary Extension

Expand your engraving options with the Rotary Extension add-on. This add-on allows users to laser engrave on circular objects such as wine bottles, water bottles, cups, and other cylindrical shapes.

Technical Specifications

  • Package Size: 165 x 290 x 75 mm
  • Package Weight: 2.3kg
  • Include 12 Stands in the package.
  • The minimum diameter can hold up to 0.28" (7mm)
  • The maximum diameter can hold up to 2.76" (70mm) using 3 levels of Stands.
  • The maximum load capacity is 3kg.
  • Maximum Object Length: 16" (406mm), and it depends on the center of mass.

*To achieve a larger engraving diameter (> 70mm), you will need to manually add padding yourself.

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