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LulzBot Mini and Mini 2 Safety Enclosure Kit

Are you looking to upgrade your LulzBot 3D printer? Well we have the unbeatable Enclosure Kit that is perfect for the Mini or Mini 2! This enclosure safety kit is made up of acrylic panels that sit on the same surface as your LulzBot Mini or Mini 2 3D printer. This kit was designed to help keep heated and moving parts functional during 3D printing.
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LulzBot Mini Safety Enclosure Kit

This safety enclosure kit helps regulate temperature and reduce warping that can be caused during your 3D printing. Within the modified design of this enclosure kit, there is a location for mounting a 40mm fan to vent air from the chamber. There is no need for any gluing, drilling or cutting when assembling your enclosure kit. Please keep in mind that seperate tools are needed to assemble your acrylic panels. 

Works for the Mini 2!

This versatile enclosure kit includes a link to download a printable bracket and assembly instructions, so you can use it for the Mini 2, the original Mini and the Mini with the LCD attached!

Additional Parts Required

Two (2) 3D printed Mini left bracket (STL) (not included, print yourself)

Two (2) 3D printed Mini right bracket (STL) (not included, print yourself)

Tools Needed

2mm hex driver

2.5mm hex driver

Optional: Painters tape

Optional: Flat razor

Time Required

1-2 hours, based on skill level

Physical Dimensions

LulzBot Mini Dimensions (Standard): 435mm x 340mm x 385mm (17.1in x 13.4in x 15.2in)

LulzBot Mini Dimensions (with Enclosure): 435mm x 445mm x 385mm (17.1in x 17.5in x 15.2in)

Enclosure adds an additional 105mm (4.1in) in the Y-axis (from front to back).