LulzBot LulzBot Universal Tool Head Adapter for Mini 1

The Universal Tool Head Adapter allows you to use different types of tool heads with your LulzBot TAZ 6 or TAZ 5 printer. The adapter comes with two M3 x 10 mm socket head cap screws, two M3 washers, and two M3 x 10 mm flat head cap screws. The wiring harness adapter is also included.

  • Allows for use of multiple types of filament
  • Heated build plate
  • Open source software
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What's in the Box?

  • Universal Tool Head Adapter: (LulzBot TAZ 6 and TAZ 5 or Mini 1)
  • 2x M3 x 10 mm Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 2x M3 Washers
  • 2x M3 x 10 mm Flat Head Cap Screws
  • Wiring Harness Adapter

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