Carbide 3D Machinable Fixturing Wax - Blue

All carving projects are unique and sometimes standard clamping methods are not available. This machinable fixturing wax can be used to adhear your stock material to the wasteboard and then easily remove it when your carving is done.

Product No. M-YPQ-JM1Y

How does it work?

This wax melts at a relatively low temperature - easily achieved with a standard heat gun. The best process is to heat your stock with a heat gun and place a few pieces of the wax on it and let it melt. With the melted wax on your stock, press it against the wasteboard and hold for a few seconds to let it solidify and attach. Next go ahead and machine your part without having any clamps in the way! After your carve simply reheat the stock to detach the wax.

When should I use it?

This fixturing wax is best used for thin, flexible metals like brass or aluminum where you need easy removal without having to risk bending the part with a scraper or spatula. If you stock material does not have any excess space for usage of standard clamps this wax is also an excellent alternative. The inclusion of the word 'machinable' in the name is not just a fancy title but rather a functional component of the product - if you are carving through your stock feel free to do so into this wax as it will not get adhesive on your carving bit like double sided tape might.

Whats in the box?

  • 4oz of blue, high strength machinable fixturing wax

Please note: Carbide 3D products are no longer eligible for the redemption or accrual or MatterHackers Rewards.

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