MakerGear MakerGear M2 Fully Assembled 3D Printer

The M2 3D Printer from MakerGear comes fully assembled with a heated build plate, an easy to adjust four-point bed leveling system, and a 0.35mm nozzle equipped on the direct drive hotend. Constructed from high-quality components and made in the USA, the M2 is perfect for anyone looking for industrial level precision at an affordable price.

List Price: $1,999.00
Product No. M-NW5-ME1S


The M2 revision E includes several improvements over previous iterations. Constructed with a sturdy steel frame and CNC machined cast aluminum, the M2 manages to pack industrial-level production into a relatively small footprint. The four-point print bed is easy to level, and once calibrated will stay level, removing the need for z-compensation. The 0.35mm nozzle offers good print speed with excellent surface quality, to ensure a quality experience no matter the goal.

Technical Specifications

  • Build Volume: 200 x 250 x 200mm (8”x 10” x 8”in)
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle Size: Ships with 0.35mm
  • Max Extruder Temperature: 300°C
  • Extruder Mount: Direct Drive
  • Build Surface: Borosilicate glass print bed with laminated, replaceable print surface.
  • Max Build Surface Temperature: 110°C
  • Connectivity: SD Card Reader. USB connection to a computer, LCD machine control optional.

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