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MatterControl Touch Mount - LulzBot Mini

MatterHackers Digital Designs are easy to access and ready to print within MatterControl.

Digital Design files can be accessed using MatterControl Software, MatterControl Touch or MatterControl Sync. When logged in, Digital Designs can be found within the "Purchased" folder of your MatterControl Cloud Library.

Download this MatterControl Touch mount designed for your LulzBot Mini Machine.

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MC Touch Mount For Lulzbot Mini
MC Touch Mount For Lulzbot Mini
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Designed by the MatterHackers Engineering team - this mount fits right on the LulzBot Mini. Use your MatterControl Touch for a fully integrated, standalone printer. 

Recommended Print Settings:

Material: PLA or ABS

Layer Height: 0.2 mm

Infill: 30%

Supports: OFF

Print Time estimate: 2.5 hours