MatterHackers MatterHackers Large Spool Holder Stand

Need a new spool holder that is compatible with your large spools of filament? Check out MatterHackers' Large Spool Holder Stand! This spool holder stand, combined with The Ultimate Spool Holder (designed by filamentry on thingiverse), functions just like any spool holder with the added bonuses of adjustability for various spool sizes, smoother flow of filament, and even easier spool swapping.

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Product No. M-853-FN3Q

Smooth flow of filament from large spools has never been easier than with this spool holder and stand. The stand adds an extra sturdy base for the spool holder.

When you combine the stand with the spool holders, it is compatible with any spool that has a minimum inner width of about 90mm and maximum outer width of about 106mm. The spool holder is compatible with any size spools as they are adjustable outside of the stand. The spool holder design, also called the "The Ultimate Spool Holder" (TUSH), is originally designed by filamentry.

Spool Holder + Spool Holder Stand is compatible with the following filament spools:

Spool Holder WITHOUT the Spool Holder Stand is compatible with any filament spool.

Hardware Needed:

  • 4 Skateboard Bearings

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