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MatterMorph Sculpting Plastic - 250g

MatterMorph is a durable, reusable, and biodegradable creative tool. Unlike many craft items, it is versatile, clean, and non-toxic. MatterMorph's signature moldability gives the artist complete power over his or her project. Masters of sculpting from crayola to acrylic can take part in the clay of the future.
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MatterMorph is some of the most interesting material that we have here at MatterHackers, plus it's FUN! Did you love playing with Play-Doh or Silly Putty when you were young, but always wished your cool scupltures could be a little more, say, permanent? With MatterMorph, that is exactly what will happen - the material will eventually harden after molding, so you can admire your creations for as long as you want to! Tired of the awesome thing you just made? No problem - MatterMorph is totally reusable, so you can keep building and playing over and over again. MatterMorph is an endless investment in fun, and kids will love it, too! It's not all fun and games, though - MatterMorph is also capable of producing complex and reliable items, like customized, form-fitting tool handles. 

How to use


Drop MatterMorph beads into a container of hot water (about 60°C [140°F]) and wait until they become soft and transparent. Using a method that ensures skin will not be scalded, carefully remove from the container to allow the MatterMorph to become a comfortable temperature.


In this stage, the only tools needed are your hands! Mold until satisfied.


You may leave your MatterMorph in the open air to reduce temperature naturally, or you may dip it in ice water to speed the process.


You've successfully crafted a genuine MatterMorph sculpture! For the unsatisfied, the creation is easy to reheat, re-mold, or paint! What sort of items will you make next?

You can make a cool robotic "morphomeleon"

Useful Information

How long does it last?

MatterMorph is biodegradable and an exemplary choice environmentally. If MatterMorph is exposed to moisture or sunlight for extensive periods it may weaken, but only in extreme conditions will it ever break down.

Is it messy?

MatterMorph is waterproof and won't leave any residue.

The product is mostly smooth, but will stick to some materials. If you're unsure, test a small piece. If it sticks, applying vaseline or oil to the surface in question should amend the issue.


Small children using MatterMorph should be supervised by an adult as the process deals with very hot water. Ensure that the Mattermorph in use is cool enough to handle with bare hands. If burns occur, seek medical attention.

If temperatures rise higher than 60°C (140°F) your MatterMorph creation may melt.

Express your inner emotions through sculpting!

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