Mayku Mayku FormBox Heat Shield

The Mayku Heat Shield expands the variety of materials that can be used with the Formbox, such as the Resin Sheets and other professional materials. The heat shield improves the distribution of heat across the sheets which is essential for thicker sheets such as resin sheets. It takes only 30 seconds to install the heat shield, simply clicks into place with no tools needed.

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Price: $40.00
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Product No. M-9X9-ZP76

Features of the Mayku Heat Shield

  • Work with thicker sheets
  • Open the range of materials that can be used in the FormBox - essential for using Mayku Resin Sheets
  • Easy push-fit install into FormBox
  • Improves heat distribution across the sheet
  • Decreases sheet heating time of forms
  • Viewport at the front to see the progress of material heating

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