mayku Mayku FormBox Resin Sheets Refill - 20 Pack

These translucent, milky-colored 1.5mm PET sheets are a great solution for making molds for casting resin of any object with your Makyu FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former. These sheets can be used for prototyping, model making, and casting a range of materials.

It is mandatory to use Mayku Heat Shield for the Resin Sheets to work with the Mayku FormBox.

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Product No. M-A5N-Y1CT

Once you have your Makyu FormBox Desktop Vacuum Former, you will need plastic sheets to use with it to create your very own vacuum formed molds. Whether you're looking to create a particular shape for your advertising campaign, crafting project, or custom packaging, this is the perfect material for you!

Simply place the sheet in the frame, set your FormBox to the proper temperature settings, wait a couple of minutes for your FormBox to bring your material up to the perfecting molding temperature, and press down on your shape to create a flawless plastic mold of it. Once it cools, it's ready to be used for whatever project you have. And with 20 sheets to the pack, you have plenty of room to experiment and try out all your ideas.

What will you make?

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