Mayku Mayku FormBox PRO Mesh Metal Bed Accessory

The Mayku PRO Mesh is the upgraded replacement mesh for your Mayku Formbox. The 1000s of tiny holes allow more air to escape during forming and ensure an even spread of suction. Installation is as simple as lifting the old mesh out (which is done by hand) and popping the Pro Mesh in its place.

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Price: $80.00
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Product No. M-S7N-YJ4L

Once you have your Makyu FormBox Desktop Vacuum FormerThe Pro Mesh is a super-fine metal bed accessory for the FormBox. It is made from 1.2mm stainless steel, which has been etched with 1000’s of tiny holes to let more air escape from around the forms that you are vacuum forming. The Pro Mesh upgrades the standard mesh bed in your FormBox allowing for smoother edges for cleaner, tighter molds and parts.

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