Mimaki Mimaki Clear 3D Model Ink MH-100 (2L)

Mimaki 3D Model Ink MH-100 is a UV-curable acrylic resin ink available in 2 packs of 1L bottles in CMYK, white, and clear colors. Generate stunning models in +10 million possible colors produced by leading experts manufacturing inks and inkjet printers since 1975.

  • UV Curable Inks
  • Over 10 Million Color Possibilities
  • Optimized for 3DUJ-2207 and 3DUJ-553
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Mimaki 3D Model Ink MH-100

Stunning 3D UV-Curable Inks for Mimaki 3D Printers

Achieve optimal, gorgeous 3D models on your Mimaki 3D UV-curing inkjet printer using Mimaki's in-house 3D Model Ink MH-100.

Key Features of the Mimaki 3D Model Ink MH-100:

  • UV Curable Inks
  • Available in 2x 1L Bottles
  • Available in CMYK, White, and Clear for +10 million color options
  • Inks Produced by Industry-leader Experts Since 1975
  • Optimized for the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 and Mimaki 3DUJ-553

Technical Specifications for Mimaki 3D Model Ink MH-100

  • Material: UV Curable Acrylic Resin Ink
  • Intended Application: Base structure & aesthetic appearance
  • Available Colors:
    • Cyan (C)
    • Magenta (M)
    • Yellow (Y)
    • Black (K)
    • White (W)
    • Clear (Cl)
  • Support Ink Available: Yes
    • Intended Application: Support structure
    • Compatible Cleaning Solution: Water
  • Material Volume: 2L
  • Container: UV-Resistant Bottles
  • Compatibility: Mimaki 3DUJ-2207 and Mimaki 3DUJ-553 3D Printers Only
  • SDS Data
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