Mimaki Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15 Cleaning Kit

Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15 is a cleaning solution to keep Mimaki UV inkjet printers clean and running. Single bottle and full cleaning kit options are available.

  • Keeps printers well-maintained
  • Optimized for Mimaki UV inkjet printer maintenance
  • Cleaning solution kit available
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Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15

Maintain Top Mimaki 3D Printer Performance

Keep your Mimaki 3D printer working in tip-top shape with Mimaki's Maintenance Liquid 15.

Key Features of the Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15:

  • Available in sets of 2x 100mL Bottles
  • Cleaning Solution Kit Option Available
  • Keeps Mimaki 3D Printers Clean and Running
  • Optimized for the Mimaki 3DUJ-2207, Mimaki 3DUJ-553, and other Mimaki UV Inket printers
  • Follow Specific Maintenance Instructions Included with Your Mimaki Machine User Manual

What Comes with Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15?

If purchasing just a single 100mL bottle, then you will only receive one 100mL bottle.

If purchasing the Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15 Cleaning Kit...

2 x Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15 (100mL) Bottle
10 x UJ cleaning swab
10 x Kim Towel
6 x Gloves
10 x Dropper Nozzle swabs
10 x Maintenance Cloth
10 x Techno Wipes

Technical Specifications for Mimaki Maintenance Liquid 15

  • Intended Application: UV Inkjet printer Cleaning Maintenance
  • Bottle Volume: 100mL (Set comes with 2 Bottles)
  • Container: 2 Plastic UV-Resistant Bottles
  • Compatibility: Mimaki 3DUJ-2207, Mimaki 3DUJ-553, and other Mimaki UV inket printers
  • Recommended Frequent Use: See Mimaki 3D Printer User Manual
  • SDS Data
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