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Mosquito Hotend Thermistor

The geniuses at Slice Engineering have developed the highest performing 3D printing hotend thermistor on the market. The High Temperature Thermistor is engineered to withstand and accurately measure temperatures up to 450°C, and all the way down to room temperature. With this thermistor on your 3D printer, there is no need for high temperature RTD’s, or the need to have two thermistors to maintain accuracy. **Please note that use of this thermistor with your 3D printer does require an update of the ADC table in your 3D printer’s firmware.
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The High Temperature Thermistor by Slice Engineering is simply the highest performing 3D printing thermistor on the market. It is capable of measuring a wide range of temperatures, all while maintaining stringent accuracy—all the way from ambient room temperature up to 450°C! Eliminate the need for high temperature RTD’s or using two individual thermistors at the cold and hot end of your print head to maintain accuracy across the temperature spectrum.


To upgrade your desktop 3D printer with the High Temperature Thermistor, you simply need to fit it into your heater block, connect the Molex Micro Fit 3.0 connector’s to your printer’s control board, and update the ADC table in your 3D printer’s firmware. This thermistor is the de facto standard size for sleeved thermistors, and 1m lead wires are available.



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