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3DVerkstan Olsson Ruby Nozzle - High Temperature - 1.75mm x 0.80mm

The Olsson Ruby Nozzle brought the possibility of limitless printing with the most abrasive materials available for 3D printing thanks the the union of brass and a ruby tip. Now the same great design is available with a heat resistant yet high conductivity copper alloy for abrasion resistance and high temperature applications up to 500°C.

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Limitless possibilities

This evolution of the Olsson Ruby Nozzle does what all great v2's should - preserves the greatest aspects of the original while expanding the capabilities of the product. The same great abrasion resistance is maintained via the Ruby tip, and high thermal conductivity is achieved by staying away from steel. This High Temperature Ruby Nozzle replaces the brass body with a copper alloy, which expands the operating temperature range of the nozzle up to a maximum of 500°C. For those venturing into the world of engineering-grade materials like Carbon Fiber reinforced PEEK and PEKK, this nozzle is ready for anything.

Ready for any and all filaments

While the High Temperature Olsson Ruby can handle highly abrasive filaments at very high temperatures, it's also perfectly suited for printing with everyday materials like PLA and PETG in more standard temperature ranges. If you are starting out on your 3D printing journey and know you want to go far and take advantage of higher performance materials in the future - this nozzle is a great investment in the longevity of your 3D printer.

E3D v6 compatibility

This High Temperature nozzle, like the original Olsson Ruby, features the M6x1 threading of E3D style nozzles. This makes the High Temperature Ruby perfect for high performance v6 setups with upgrades like the high temperature heater cartridges and plated copper heater blocks. If you are venturing into the extreme materials and want to build your own custom hotend, an E3D v6 with a High Temperature Ruby nozzle will not disappoint.

Technical Specifications

  • Filament input diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle output diameter: 0.80mm
  • Nozzle body material: Copper alloy
  • Nozzle tip material: Ruby
  • Nozzle Threading: M6x1
  • Max Temperature: 500°C

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