Peopoly Peopoly Moai Heater Module Kit

The Heater for the Peopoly Moai is here! Designed to keep the internal chamber over 25C, the Heater is sensor controlled and comes with its own power supply, separate from the Moai SLA printer.

The Heater's internal thermostat will activate anytime the surrounding temperature is not within a temperature range of 27C and 35C. The fan remains running while the unit is plugged in.

List Price: $64.00
Product No. M-XGJ-EA5Z

The Peopoly Moai Heater Module is perfect for maintaining the viscosity of your Moai Resin while it rests in the resin chamber, which in turn maintains the quality of your prints. Some colder environments affect the resin, which can result in poor adhesion to the Build Plate, or simply generally poor curing during the printing process.

By installing the Heater Module, and keeping the temperature within the 27 - 35C range, these print quality issues are eliminated, and your Moai should print like a dream.

Technical Specifications

  • Heater Module Dimensions:
    • Length: 10 cm 
    • Width: 7 cm
    • Height: 8 cm
  • Power Supply Dimensions:
    • Length: 14 cm
    • Width: 6 cm
    • Height: 4 cm
  • Compatability:
    • Moai
    • Moai 200

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