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Peopoly Peopoly Phenom Deft Resin - Grey (1L)

The Peopoly Deft Resin is the perfect resin for the Phenom MSLA 3D printer. It is designed specifically for the Phenom and allows for large resin prints with the Phenom's massive build volume.

  • Allows for large resin prints
  • Designed specifically for the Phenom
  • Best choice for the Phenom
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The Perfect Resin for the Peopoly Phenom MSLA 3D Printer

Deft Resin was designed specifically for the Phenom, and allows you to create large resin prints that take advantage of the Phenom's massive build volume. Every resin 3D printer has a set of resins it works with best, and for the Phenom, Peopoly Deft Resin is the best choice.

Technical Specifications

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