Photocentric 3D PhotoCentric 3D Air Wash L - Large Scale Cleaner

The Air Wash L is a 24/7 post-processing cleaner for 3D prints, using air agitation to thoroughly clean parts and platforms, compatible with LC Magna and similar-sized printers.

  • supports full-platform post-processing around the clock
  • ideal for large scale porduction
  • designed for non stop use
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Product No. M-MRS-ECY0

Technical Specifications

Printer Compatibility: With dimensions of 990.5 (H) x 400 (D) x 620 (W) mm the Airwash L is compatible with LC Magna and other 3rd party 3D printers with platforms and 3D printed parts that fit within these dimensions.

Dimensions: 990.5 (H) x 400 (D) x 620 (W) mm

Capacity: 90 litre (20 gallons)

Power Supply: 30 x 40kHz t 110v or 220v

Air Flow: 40 lt per minute @140 Mbar (2.3 psi)

Weight: 56 kgs (124 lbs)

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